Treasure Hunts in London
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The Baringa Adventurers
Found in a Good Book
Photo assignments

There was a team called Polo,

They never worked solo,

They know their books,

And have good looks.

They are always shouting “YOLO!”

By Team Marco Polo

There was a young lady called Foster.

Two accountants they did accost her.

They searched for the clues,

But she preferred to booze,

So she went to the pub and they lost her!

By Team Ray Mears

We started as a team of 5

But not all would survive

At first base we are four

On our London Literary Tour.

By Team Bear Grylls

There was a team called Dora,

Who went on a little explorer.

They broke all the rules

Now you look like the fools,

While we are downing Vodka Kia-ora!

By Team Dora the Explorer

Our team name is Drake

And we love eating cake.

Around London we searched

And on bar stools we perched

And great winners we we make.

By Team Drake