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The Museum of London is THE place to get a deeper understanding of this wonderful city. From prehistoric times to the modern metropolis of today, London's history and heritage is rich and varied. With displays from plague and war to the swinging sixties and beyond there's so much to see in the museum about our Capital city.

This is an indoor Treasure Hunt on the theme of alcohol

The pleasures (and pitfalls) of wine, beer and spirits have been with us for centuries.

Wine jars from 7000 B.C from ancient China indicate wine being made by fermenting fruit, rice and honey. In 4000 B.C. ancient Egypt considered beer as one of the foods of life and a dietary staple.

In Britain from the 8th century ales, ciders and mead were staple drinks of the lower classes due to unsafe water supplies.

The industrial revolution brought new technology to alcohol production and 60% proof gin, produced by distilling juniper berries, became widely available.


Drink To Me Only At

The Museum of London

Starting Location:

The Museum of London


2.5 hours plus scoring and prize giving.


Easy to Medium

No required knowledge

Required :

Bring your phone for challenges


Clue packs and pens  

Drink to me Only…..Treasure Hunt at

The Museum Of London

 An indoor hunt with a mixture of straight and cryptic clues to solve.

Bring your team of 2 to 6 people and unravel clues and solve puzzles.

The hunt will end with a drink, a chance to announce the scores and to award prizes to the winners.

Bring a phone for contact .

NB This is not organised by The Museum of London

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