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Our fully managed treasure hunts, scavenger hunts and street games take place throughout Greater London.

All of our hunts have event facilitators to meet the teams, explain the games and give out clues. Players are given contact details for the event facilitator in cases they require hints or other information. We believe it is important that people have fun and do not get frustrated if they require additional assistance.

Everyone gets access to the clues – we give teams printed clue packs and additional copies of the questions are available via coded access online. Each team must submit a mobile phone contact so the event facilitator can contact them during the game. The phones can also be used to complete the photo assignments. Phones are not included in price of hunt.

Current Public treasure Hunts

NEW ! Self Guided Family Treasure Hunt using ClueKeeper App  

The Adventure take around 3 hours

The hunt takes around 2 to 2 ½ hours plus scoring and prize giving. Some people take longer searching and like to linger over areas of interest. We do not see our hunts as races but prefer people take their time, and enjoy discovering new things.

V&A – Easter Exploration on  


Brixton –Street Art on 14/5/2016

Vauxhall – Park Life on 18/6/2016

Buckingham Palace –

Rule Britannia on 16/4/2016

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All the city adventures involves solving clues and puzzles.  The Indoor hunts help you explore the collections in London’s Museums and Galleries, while the Outdoor hunts help you explore different areas of London.